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Do you know what a "parlay" is? A "progressive parlay"? Well, before you bet your next paycheck on the big game, find out the lingo that you'll need to win.Often times bettors will buy points in football around key numbers such as 3 and 7.If a game falls exactly on the spread, there is no winner and bettors will receive their money back.

Sports Betting™ - Where The Action Begins! Experience the thrill of Sports Betting on ALL MAJOR SPORTS (Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, MMA.Sports Betting Terms and Definitions. Like any hobby, sports betting has a massive library of jargon and terms that new bettors may not know. If you’re a novice.

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You don't need an advanced degree to understand the language of sports gambling. Just refer to this page when you see an unfamiliar word or phrase.

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TOUT SERVICE: A business that sells opinions on sporting events.

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Some books will offer reduced juice with lines between -104 and -107.

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Sports betting is illegal throughout most of the United States,. Simply placing a bet can be a confusing affair -- sports books have their own lingo,.

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For example, one can bet a Super Bowl future prior to the beginning of the season by selecting who they believe will win the championship.Gambling terms and Sports betting definitions at, the Global Leader in Sports Gaming Information. Learn how to talk like a professional sports bettor.Sports betting strategy articles that will help you learn how to win more money. This includes a lot of advanced strategies and NFL.Sports Betting Lingo and Slang Terms. Welsher - person who doesn't pay his gambling debts. Wiseguy - successful sports bettor who makes his living betting sports.HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE: Edge the home team is expected to have as a result of familiarity with the playing area, favorable demographics and effect of travel on the visiting team.

All information provided by this website is for news and entertainment purposes only.Some types of sports betting are. In simple terms,. with bettors wagering in-game items on the outcome of e-sports events. Real money e-sports betting is now.Glossary of Gambling Terms. Internet sports betting will use a lot of gambling terms that you may not be familiar with as a lot of the language comes from the "street.In spread based sports like basketball or football, this would equate to a line of 0.Find out about sports betting online, with more than 100 betting site reviews. Choose from best bookies for users from UK, US, & all over the globe.

Our Sports Betting Glossary features the Terms & Terminology all self respecting bettors should be familiar with! Polish up on your betting lingo and vocabulary.In sports betting, “PK” is an abbreviation for “pick” or “pick’em” and refers to even money wagers in point spread betting. PK simply means that neither.

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Bet smart with the largest online sports betting community. SBR gives you all of the tools you need to bet with provides weekly NFL football picks & predictions made. Whether you're doing your sports gambling online or. agree to the terms and.University Libraries | University of Nevada, Las Vegas 1. NEVADA SPORTS BETTING TOTALS: 1984-2017. WIN, DROP, AND WIN PERCENTAGES FOR ALL NEVADA LOCATIONS.

For example, if you bet a 7-point favorite and they win by 9, you have covered the spread.The following is a list of common sports betting terms. Because many countries use their own terminology, there exist numerous synonyms for many terms.Looking for gambling. A sports bet in which the bettor guesses that the combined point/goal total of two teams will be. Sports Betting Lingo: A-to-Z.Get live odds, betting trends, scores, breaking injuries and more on the go.

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NEUTRAL SITE: Arena, court or field where neither side has a home field advantage.

CIRCLE GAME: Game where action is limited due to uncertainties about weather, injuries, etc.What is handicap soccer betting?. In soccer as is an all competitive sports there is normally a difference in perceived. Online sports betting from Pinnacle.

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In a moneyline sport this would happen if the game ended in a tie.Sports betting site reviews and opinions. Get the top online betting sites to maximize your sports gambling excitement. All the best sportsbooks reviewed in one.Terms and definitions used in bingo parlours. How to understand the unique lingo used by bingo players in Australia.THEORETICAL HOLD PERCENTAGE: The edge the bookmaker would have IF the odds guaranteed him a constant commission regardless of the outcome.The more you change the spread, the lower the payout becomes.Our in-depth guide to sports betting odds gives you all the information you need to confidently place bets both online and live on your favorite sports.If both teams combine to score more than the total, the over wins.