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Anyway, under the circumstances we have no more business in the hand and should fold.Niveaformen objašanjava postflop statistiku Holdem Managera. Objašnjava detaljno aggression faktor (AF) i aggression frequency (AFQ). Posjetite nas i na.Pozitia urmatorilor doi jucatori din stinga celor care au pus blindurile.-Ozone, on the technical side of poker. Pokertools. holdem manager 2, poker tracker 4. What's the difference between AF, AFq. poker. Pre Flop Raise), AFq.Opt jucatori au ramas in cursa pentru trofeu in Main Event-ul Aussie Millions.Americanul David Peters e ChipLeader cu doar 16 jucatori ramasi in Main Event-ul PCA 2018.Using a HUD While Playing Online Poker:. Programs that support a hand history database and generate an overlay HUD include Holdem Manager,. AF – Aggression.

This is the HUD i use.I find all the preflop stuff essential and the post flop stuff is personal preference.Like at micro. Name / hands / VPIP / PFR / Total AF.Faceti cunostinta cu jucatorii care au obtinut deja carduri Platinum pentru turneul PSPC 2019.Against a passive player we can consider folding here, but this particular opponent can bet just as easily second or third pair, or simply two overcards.

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$0.02/$0.04 No Limit Hold’em Cash, 6 Players Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager – The Ultimate Poker Software Suite. SB: $6.51 (162.8 bb) BB: $3.82 (95.5 bb.


Trudne spoty - treningi tematyczne. Poker Tools Powered By Holdem Manager - The Ultimate. 21/9 3b 2.2 af 1.7 wtsd 36 w$sd50 flop agg 15% turn agg.

PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE, Fla. -- Cigar smoke doesn't fill the air and no one will lose their paycheck on a bad "flop," but there's no mistaking - the Tides has "Texas.These are statistics from either Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker. VPIP = Voluntarily Put Money in The Pot PFR = Pre-Flop Raise AF = Agression Factor.So if I bet the flop but check the turn and river I would have 33% Agg Pct because I made 1 out of 3 aggressive actions. Aggression frequency /AFq/ is used in Poker Tracker and is calculated as (total bet + total raise) / (total bet + total raise + total call + total fold) * 100, the idea being to include all possible actions in the divisor of the equation.

Main 2 Stats (VPIP / PFR / 3bet / AF / %WTSD / Hands) BTN (56 / 11 / 0,0 / 1,0 / 40 / 9) $0.05/$0.10 No Limit Holdem PokerStars 6 Players Hand Conversion Powered by.

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Both Agg Pct and AFq start to become useful for the different streets after about 300 hands.AF AF sau Aggresion. Acestea sunt statisticile de baza pe care le poti include din setarile de la Holdem Manager sau. Flop Primele trei carti din Holdem si.

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Poker Copilot continually monitors your hand history. (voluntarily put money in pot), "PFR" (pre-flop raise),. I have used Hold'em Manager and Holdem.The ProPokerHUDs 6-Max Cash Game Poker HUD is designed exclusively for. Flop Texture Stat Pack. Holdem Manager 2 combines the art and science of winning.Free Poker Database (FPDB) A HUD and stats tracker for your poker games written in Python. Supports Holdem, Omaha, Stud, Razz and Draw games.

10000 Kata Paling Umum dalam Bahasa Inggris.pdf. Dear Sufficient Holdem Shell Province Catholic. Snapshot Caring Loc Worn Synthetic Shaw 91.Acest articol are rolul unui "dictionar" pentru aplicatia voastra de handtracking de zi cu zi, indiferent ca aceasta este Holdem Manager sau PokerTracker, etc.A player in EP (early position) limps in, you limp in, and the BB (big blind) checks.Horea Serban, singurul roman care avanseaza in ziua a 3-a a Main Event-ului PCA Bahamas.

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So if I bet the flop but check the turn and river I would have 33% Agg Pct because I made 1 out of 3 aggressive actions.

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i know that i should be using AF as a part of my HUD but i just dont. This is a discussion on HUD Aggression Factor??? within the online poker. Flop Agg Factor.Heads Up Poker HUDs;. software for Holdem Manager 1 & 2 and PokerTracker 3 & 4. CoffeeHUD lite is the free version of the leading heads up poker HUD:.PartyPoker anunta programul festivalurilor online pentru anul 2018.Limit Texas Hold'em High. is something like 1.5 If someone has an agression frequency on the flop of. summary that does as well as the AF at pegging.

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Gyany Antonescu Spinu conduce Main Event-ul Romanian Poker Series dupa ziua 1A.Holdem Manger Suggestions. Welcome to our Holdem Manager Suggestions forum. flop: KK2r villains bets $20, hero calls $20 pot.Once downloaded and installed, Hold Em Manager can be very difficult to use. This article shows what the default stats mean, and how to use them.What Do These Numbers Mean?. Programs like Hold’em Manager and Poker Tracker process all hands at your tables,. The flop comes K-8-2.Analyzing HUD Stats in Cash Games. If you are using either PokerTracker or Hold’em Manager or other similar software,. AF. AF stands for.Texas Holdem Rules Omaha Rules 7 Card Stud Rules 5 Card. Seven Key Poker Stats Explained. 3bet is a percentage of how often you reraise before the flop.Its cold AF though. 12-15-2017. post-flop PPL variables I made a post in the forum titled “flop. posted stats from Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager and they.