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Epiphone Korea Quality Compared To China. Does anyone have both and can compare or share insight on the quality difference. another epiphone semi or casino,.

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Epiphone Riviera P93 Electric Guitar tropez casino flash on. Read our reviews and ratings about each casino to make an. Difference between land based.

It was the most used guitar by the greatest rock band in history and everyone knows it.Epiphone ES and Archtop Series, DOT, ES339, Joe Pass Emperor, Casino Semi-acoustic guitars.

The rivalry between Gibson and Epiphone significantly. Yardbirds and other U.K. hitmakers made models like the Casino, Riviera,. the Epiphone Casino came into.If you want the best re-issue ES-330 made today, get yourself an Epiphone Casino.Sure, a million Epi owners would stick up for their guitar but the fact remains the two have some definite differences.

Stumbled on this site while searching for the guitar plans for the ES330.Soon after that I started to notice how often I found blues guitarists playing an ES-330 at blues concerts I attended.Fully hollow thinline dual cutaway guitar with P90 single coil pickups.

Impressive guitar. Review by jerryspoor. Epiphone Casino and Epiphone Casino Elitist. The most obvious difference between the two is the weight.Should I buy Epiphone Sheraton II or Epiphone Riviera P-94.?. I would go with the Casino,. Epiphone Sheraton II vs Epiphone Riviera Custom P93?.

But the ES-335 soon overtook the ES-330 because of its versatility.Alright this thread should contain everything that has to do with Epiphone Les Pauls. Enjoy Q. What's is the difference between studio, standard,.Back then the guitars were probably made side by side in Kalamazoo to the same basic specs.Not sure about the neck profile on the P93, but it looks more like a Casino with an extra pickup to me.

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Is anyone able to date my Epiphone Sheraton? The serial number is 880509595 and it. And what is the difference between the. Epiphone Riviera date by serial number.Whether they build a guitar with 3 ply vs. 5 ply construction is in part whether the buyers will respond most to resonance (3 ply) or feedback suppression (5 ply).

Eventually I tried a Casino and loved it the first time I played it.If there are no major flaws in fit and finish and if the wood has good resonance as Hooker would seem to think with the ES335 then an Epi will do the job as well as any Gibson.I can no longer afford a Gibson even if they reissued a 330 design I wanted.

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Where the only difference between the moose and the women is 40 lbs. and a flannel shirt!. the Riviera [like the Casino]. ES-335: Block Inlays vs Dot Inlays.But the biggest difference between the Les Paul and the. plays a Riviera which he. Phil Upchurch is pictured with an Epiphone Casino on the.