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I never said it was better for everyone, I merely pointed out what I have observed on my chars and in talking with friends who have had a chance to tinker around with different getups.Adding things onto what I said then using it to point out why I am wrong.I have better things to do than pick a fight with you over a hypothetical situation.old Warrior max lvl 61. See Larger Image. Arcane Legends - All Server. crafting 500 slots (only old accounts had it - worth 300 platinum) auction 11 slots.

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The FaceMash Freaks iPhone App allows users to mash photos of their own face and those of their mates with those of the crazed faces of the resident cast of FaceMash.

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package com. ankamagames. dofus. network. messages. game. shortcut. public var slot: uint = 0; public static const protocolId: uint = 6228.