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Tablet test with blind users: Overview. 5. February 2014. Usable OS interface, but separation of library (start screen) app screen more cumbersome than on iPad.Plague inc is reasonably accessible but there are some issues with missing labels and navigation order of elements.27 Best iPad and iPhone Apps for. Clear evidence of this trend can be seen in all of the senior-friendly apps Apple now has. Welcome Home Care 10860 Ninth.A counselor brought up audio games such as the night jar and Papa Sangre, which are impressive and quite interesting for pure audial enjoyment, however I quickly grew tired of the survival horror genre and longed for something else.Thanks to all the developers who make accessible games, specially those who make their games playable by both blind and sighted people.

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Discover the top 100 best poker blind apps for ios free and paid. Top ios apps for poker blind in AppCrawlr!.App Annie is the standard in app analytics and app market data,. iPhone & iPad. blinds poker blind timer poker timer poker clock poker time timekeeper poker.The only option for them at this point is to record every element of the interface as a sound file and play it which may not always be practical.You may change your cookie preferences and obtain more information here.Please help us spread the word to anyone who would be interested in this.As far as my favourite games, I will definitely have to go for the more complicated stuff.

There is one baseball game out there, but all it does is make a pitching sound when you are supposed to swing.By Avalinx LLC Price: $3.99 Plateform: iPhone/iPad Don't download this app! There's a new, better and universal one!. Poker Tournament Blind Timer.

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Shuffle up and deal in style with Loopy's Poker Timer. This app allows you to display a countdown timer for blind levels of a poker. is available for iPad).The Premium Blackjack and Video Poker games are also very accessible and I play them a lot.

I went blind suddenly last year, so I very quickly had to adapt from being a hard-core gamer On multiple platforms to being a blind gamer and seeking out accessible games.

I have an iPad app called Blinds. A 15 min blind level won't see everyone get a hand in the first couple levels until folks get. Poker & Home Tournament Advice.

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Free poker apps and free poker tools. a large segment of the smartphone community was missing out on this poker training app for iPad. Since blind stealing is.

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PokerStars, the world's largest poker site, recently introduced a Home Game Clock, dubbed the PokerStars Clock. that the app will buzz when the blind levels.The Tournament Director is the premier poker tournament management software package. You will not find a more professional, feature rich, easy to use tool for running.

Personally I find lords and nights quite dull and I played it for all of a week before quitting.Ultimately, I really hope that more accessible games come out in the future in various genres, and that people stop treating it as an afterthought in the design process, at least for games which have hi potential for being completely accessible.Jawfish Poker is Texas hold 'em. The fast-paced adjustments come with some trade-offs to poker mechanics, but for the game Jawfish. Games, iPhone Apps and Games.

The first is dice world, which has 6 dice games that can be played against friends on or off Facebook.100 Awesome Card Games for the iPhone. Poker for iPad – “Poker for iPad. Cribbage HD – “The top Cribbage on the App Store is now available for the iPad!.They are accessible for blind, visual impaired, deaf and other disability profiles.I have submitted constant feedback through their various support channels, but to no avail so far Plus, trivia crack has picture questions which are rather frustrating when you are blind, but so far they are few and far in between.

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The map is definitely NOT accessible as far As I can tell, though everythi:ng else seems to be so far.

Available in the app store now! Poker Guru is a powerful home poker tournament. small blind, big blind, ante, current. Poker Guru - Home Poker Tournament.If you are interested, I would be willing to chat about the process.

Best iOS games for blind/low-vision users?. You can find my accessible apps in. It is nice to have games that I can play though because before I got an iPad.

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Of course, tastes vary, so I wanted to hear from as many people as possible.Some developers did go the extra mile though, the audio game freeq used to not work with VoiceOver, but after the developer was contacted he made it work.will learn creative uses for Loc-Line, Formular,. Impaired or Blind - The iPad has specific features that can. iPad and Assistive Technology Institute Dates.They did fall into the trap of promoting form over function recently, however, when they change their design to add animations and severely limited The gameplay accessibility, or at least the area that you have to interact with in order to play the game when relying on finger swipes to get around the interface.

THETA Poker Pro app. Best iphone and ipad apps. Career statistics that it offers include poker glossaries, payout schedules, blind schedules as well as.They concentrate on you starting with a castle of village, expanding it and recruiting the army to conquer more, and build up your empire.