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An enhancement is an item modification and can be applied to an enhancement slot. Mod; Retrieved from ". About Star Wars: The Old Republic Wiki; Disclaimers.Buy SWTOR Gamecard 60 Days - Want to extend your playtime? Simply use our SWTOR Gamecard! The code is sent to you by eMail, easily use it in your SWTOR account.

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This site is designed to be a complete SWTOR. mod components of all types. This chart shows all the possible gear slots for which to equip and craft gear as.Credits and materials needed for Armstech and Armormech skills are as follows.For Star Wars: The Old Republic on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "in KOTFE you won't have to gear companions anymore, they'll level up with you".

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If you are not sure that you or your companions will be using the armor until 50, then it might be smarter to upgrade the augment slot as you level or to do as Percynight does and wait until you are at level 50.

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So. what is the most amount of mod slots, and of what types, are there in each piece of gear?.You can upgrade the slot at any time though the process is the same as adding the first slot.Many changes took place with the way you can acquire Augment Slots after Patch 1.3 was released.

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Each character has a number of slots that they can equip armor into. Armor can be.

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Item Modification guide for SWTOR. SWTOR. Hilts, Color Crystals, Mods, Enhancements, and. This guide lists the Best in Slot item mods for a Sawbones spec.List of all Mod type items from our SWTOR Database. You can pick the best items for your character from here.

You have the option of modifying gear by using Augments but before you can use them, your gear must have Augment Slots.Credits and materials needed for the Synthweaving skill are as follows.

How To Get Free Stuff In SWTOR. Getting Free Stuff In Star Wars: The Old Republic. Getting free stuff in SWTOR is easier than you might think.Star Wars: The Old Republic;. SWTOR: The New Weapon Tunings. the first thing you’ll need is a weapon with an available Tuning Slot.SWTOR.INI Tweaks - SWTOR: Source:. Graphics_ShadowQualityDropdown = loc:160002:preferences Graphics_WindowMode = loc:160011:preferences.

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This constantly updated guide will be the compendium for our site on crafting in Star Wars:. Crew Skills Guide. is the Augment mod. This slot is not.

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reddit: the front page of the internet. Star Wars™: The Old Republic,. mod guidelines; contact us; apps & tools.When SWTOR was first released, some items automatically come with Augment Slots for increasing your stats.

SWTOR/ SWTOR News. SWTOR Introducing Weapon Tunings. need is a weapon with an available Tuning Slot. BW SWTOR soon to be Exec: Make it a mod effect and.Use this list to figure which are the best mods for each characters of Star Wars:. Mods Master List Helper - Find the best mods for each character.Each kit has six tiers that begin with the MK-1, which is the lowest grade and the highest grade Augment Slots are found in MK-6.Patch 1.3 made a huge difference that allows any player to upgrade equipment so you can improve your stats and excel in the game.

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2 minute Tutorial on applying armor/weapon mods for SWTOR. for Bane Guild Most of the items in SWTOR. If an item has the maximum number of mod-slots,.

in KOTFE you won't have to gear companions anymore, they

What Weapons have Tuning Slots?. I typically agree with and support Bioware and the SWTOR. how many packs did you open before getting the first tuning mod.One thing that most Star Wars: The Old Republic players have in common is a desire to have the very best gear possible. SWTOR Augment Slot Guide.